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Rupa Islan
28 juil. 2022
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In recent years, the entertainment industry has developed rapidly, the rapid spread of the Internet has promoted the emergence of phenomenal online self-made Buy email list content, the online playback of popular movies and TV dramas has continued to break records, and innovative entertainment applications have emerged one after another. Mobile video has become the mainstream entertainment lifestyle for billions of Chinese netizens . In this context, the fan economy with stars as the main body is becoming a hot spot in the market and capital chasing. In addition, the online video APPs represented by iQiyi and Tencent Video, which are closely related to stars, are increasingly not satisfied with the function of only playing film and television, and further want to become the entrance of entertainment and social networking, aiming to realize the realization of the "big IP strategy" Social interaction and audio-visual entertainment promote each other, and finally form a new social film and television platform with film and television, stars and fans as the main body. product data comparison At present, iQIYI has 130 million daily active users, of which Bubble (iQIYI's star fan interactive community) has 70 million daily active users. Tencent Video has a daily life of 120 million, but Tencent Video has not announced the daily life of doki (Tencent Video's star fan interactive community). The author guesses that its daily life is around 1000w. Since neither iQIYI nor Tencent Video has released information such as the user distribution and age composition of their fan interactive communities, the author uses the Baidu Index statistics of iQIYI and Tencent Video user information to have a basic understanding of the user information of the video APP. Geographical distribution of target users (blue means iQiyi, green means Tencent Video)
Comparative Analysis of Celebrity Fan Community Functions content media

Rupa Islan

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